+ Ana Maria Archila for NY + Drug Policy Alliance party + Primera + Jobs + MLB and the politics of care + the tyranny of productivity
+ Renewing the Lineage of Nonviolent Movement + documentary on Chilean uprising + Social Change Fellows
+ New Op-ed on Democrats and Immigration Policy + Extremism in America (Retro Report & WNET)
+ Join us for a conversation with progressive champion Ana Maria Archila + the election in the Philippines + Ella Baker and Michelle Yeoh + new jobs at…
In this issue, we feature podcasts that moved, provoked, or inspired us. But first, here are two events we hope you’ll join: On Tuesday, May 3, from…
+ Inspiration from Amazon workers and Chile + Meet incredible leaders: Lt. Gov Garlin Gilchrist and Sophia Bracy Harris
+ Lessons from Labor History + Home Care Workers Need a Raise + Ginni Thomas & The Plot to Overturn the Election
Understanding Ukraine and the contradictions of immigration and economic policy
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